Welcome to TTG Stage CE, used to create HTML embed pages for your Flash image galleries and videos, and with support for mobile phones. This space will display instructions to guide you through the creation process.

Configure your embed page as desired using the options in the Site Info and Color Palette control panes. In the Appearance control pane, specify the desired size and background-color of your Flash gallery; in most cases, these settings will override native settings in the Flash gallery component. Specify the "Gallery Type" to be embedded to receive additional instructions for setup of your chosen gallery.

Thumbnails created by TTG Stage CE will be used by TTG Auto Index and TTG Pages when indexing your image gallery; set your thumbnail dimensions to the size you want them to appear in your Gallery Index. Large images will be used by the mobile gallery.

The Output Settings control pane houses options such as gallery password protection, setup for the mobile gallery, and advanced options for including additional scripts and styling instructions.